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Deborah is a 45 year old single mother of five girls. She lives in Kwangware, largest slum in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya. It has a population over 600,000 people. The living conditions are very poor; there is no access to piped water and no sewage system. The crime rate is very high in this area and due to the overpopulation diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria are very common due to the poor sanitation situation. This community is trapped in the cycle of poverty for generations.

It is unfortunate that Deborah has to support her children under these conditions for a better future. Since she was abandoned by her husband; she does not have any property rights to a potential family home or to purchase any land. In developing countries, women have less access to property ownership, medical care, training and employment.  She was mistreated by her husband and was never given support or freedom to accomplish her dreams.

She wrote us a letter in which she mentioned a tragic incident that transpired. Her ex-husband who abandoned her… not only had he married another woman; but he was tormenting and threatening her for the custody of her children to start a new life with his new wife.  She wrote in distress that her ex-husband had barged into her house and started beating her up brutally. Her injuries were so severe that she was admitted in the hospital for three days. We took care of all her pending bills and medical needs to help her out.   We are inspired with her strength that with all the trauma and hopelessness that surrounded her she appreciative of the help and support for her deprived kids.

This is one of many incidents we come across from various women who are abandoned to help them. Please help us support these families in need to break the cycle of poverty and also to help abandoned women of Kawangware and other slum areas of the world by providing them with food, shelter and help for their medical needs; for as little as $15 a month, you can become a part of our cause.

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