Hina Faraz, a Volunteer at Give the Needy Foundation

Originally from Lahore, PK. I am now living in Irvine California due to my husband’s job here. I have been associated with the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Pakistan, one of the leading universities of South Asia, for the past six years managing the affairs of the Vice Chancellor’s Office (equivalent to President’s Office in the U.S.). Much of my time these days is spent at home watching toddler learning videos and informational documentaries with my 2 year old daughter, thou it can be challenging at times but has its own sweet rewards too. Lately I have been thinking to use my energies and time for a cause, but I didn’t know where to start from and how to go about it. Luckily I met Mali Armand, Director of the Give The Needy Foundation at a friend’s place where I got to know about the foundation and the work it is doing to help families in need.  Mali and her team exude a passion for this foundation that goes beyond a commitment to raising funds to improve the lives of women and girls in different parts of the world.

Volunteering for this foundation has awarded me the great gift of being able to help, to give my share to those in need. This is an absolutely satisfying feeling to be there for others. I am sure all of us are compassionate and giving and this is what life is all about. When I was a child I was told that each time you treat yourself with a fancy meal or dine out… think of it as your responsibility to feed a poor too.  By giving away or sharing what you have you lose nothing, I believe whatever we give to needy is returned to us in some way, may not be in material gain and it may not happen right away.. but as the saying goes: “do good and good will come to you”.

You transform all who are touched by you – RUMI   

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Director: Mali Armand Founder of Give the Needy
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