The NEED of Charitable Givers..

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.-
Winston Churchill

Give the Needy famlies we support

The spirit of giving is known to all of us, each one of us has experienced it in some way or the other throughout our lives. I feel that people are becoming more socially responsible now and the concept of giving back to the society has been elevated to a new level in the past few years. We observe with admiration how people, individuals and in groups, have reached out to help the victims of natural disasters and catastrophes around the globe. This spirit of giving to the least fortunate is the sign of a truly developed society.

Today, we see many celebrities generously giving away money to those in need across borders. Several have set up their own charities to raise money for causes close to their hearts. Millions have been raised in the process and spent on those who needed it the most. From small-scale, native charities to global philanthropic institutions across the globe all are working to improve the social and economic well-being and health of the poor and under privileged by supporting child health and nutrition, basic education for all, skill development and job creation. The philanthropists and charities are working to improve lives of the poor in different parts of the world, transforming lives of many every day. We need to put our trust in these people and play our part in fostering a culture of philanthropy that draws on generosity and helping others.

.. Hina Faraz

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