Look into the eyes of a little 9 yr old!


Falak Naz is a little 9 old girl who is scared and needs your help. She has no clue if she will grow up to be normal and needs to know she is not alone. If it was her reading this post about you.. she would not walk way by just “reading” this post .. like most of us do! She would donate a small sum and know it’s not another sad story.. it’s her reality! And an unfortunate one for her existence.

What if this was you or your daughter or granddaughter??

So please don’t just “read” this post and donate even if it is a small amount and feel good.  We want you to feel good!! 🙂



This is her reality.. please read: http://www.givetheneedy.com/?page_id=1559


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Director: Mali Armand Founder of Give the Needy
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