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My name is Ayesha Mirza and I am the treasurer of Give the Needy Foundation.  In my opinion eradicating the extreme poverty and hunger is one of the main problems in the world. Child poverty is of urgent concern, yet understudied.

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Countries or nations with an average income that is relatively lower than in highly industrialized countries, and are in the process of change toward economic growth. They are comparatively lower than the developed countries in terms of health care, literacy, and per capita income.

In most of the underdeveloped countries, people are unable to afford basic human needs, which include clean and fresh water, shelter, nutrition, healthcare and education.

Six million children die of hunger every year – 17,000 every day

There are many causes of poverty, some of which are overpopulation, unequal distribution of resources, inability to meet the higher standards of living and costs of living, medical care, inadequate education and employment opportunities and changing trends in economy and job markets. This epidemic is affecting everyone in any society.  We should work together to eradicate this problem from our society and make it a better place.

‘Let’s help the children who live in poverty!’
Elena Georgievska

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