Selected Families we supported from 2009 to Summer of 2019

Munni her mom and five children


 Supported from 2007 - present

Details for Munni’s story which acts as the nonprofit model for this cause, is in the “History” section. We have been supporting her family and her since 2005.   

 Her oldest son graduated from college and works in a bookstore. Her second son is in college.  Her second oldest daughter who never went to school was sent to a seamstress school.  She takes custom orders for clothing from people, which makes her happy contributing to her family. 

They are trying hard to beat the odds and are more optimistic in their lives; ever since they have Give the Needy Foundation to count on.

Erum Naz's three children


 Supported from 2009 until 2019 

Erum's husband passed away in 2009; leaving her with three children to take care of by herself. She had no support system from her family. Give the Needy Foundation supported Erum.

Erum use to work in a factory 8 hours a day without any choice. We encouraged her to pursue her dreams by learning a new skill set. She is now a licensed cosmetologist. All her three daughters are doing very well in school and want to be doctors when they grow up. 

Falak Naz


Supported from 2009 until 2019

We helped a little girl “Falak Naz” since she was 5 years old. She had a spinal deformity called: “thoracic kyphoscoliosis."  She has to remain on medication through out her life and get spinal x-rays taken periodically to check her condition. 

 We are pleased to share that her first surgery was successful with the help of your support! The doctor made her wear a body brace jacket. She had gradually improved and is doing very well in school.

Varsha and Warda


 Supported from 2012 until 2019 

We helped a single mother with her two daughters, Varsha and Warda.  They lost their father in a tragic accident. Their mother had never worked and had to find a job to meet her needs, with the help of Give the Needy Foundation.

The two young girls did well in school.

Amna Begum's daughter


 Supported from 2015 until 2019  

Amna a single women had two daughters.  She wanted a better future for her daughters. Give the Needy helped support them due to their limited income and hardships. 

They are both doing very well in school.

Masood and Saudar


 Supported from 2016 until 2019 

We helped two bright young boys.  Masood 10 years old (Grade 4) and Saudar (Grade 8) 16 years old.  They both had an unfortunate Stargardt's Disease. Vision loss from Stargardt's generally begins to show up within the first 20 years of a young person's life, particularly in early childhood and eventually leads to blindness.  Their father had gone blind with the disease and had difficulty providing for his family.  We supported these two young boys; who wanted to accomplish something substantial in their lives.

Nguyen Van


 Supported from 2010 until 2011 

Nguyen Van was a 34 year old single mother of two children (10 and 6 years old). She lived in Vinh Long in the southern Vietnam. Her husband abandoned her after she gave birth to her second daughter and never tried to contact her again. Her job as a part time seasonal farm worker did not cover her expenses to take care of her.

 We supported Nguyen and her two children. We are happy that with the effort and support from Give the Needy Foundation, Nguyen created a small vegetable garden in her backyard and is now selling vegetables in her neighborhood. 

Deborah Mulupi Masunde


 Supported from 2010 until 2011  

Deborah Mulupi Masunde was a 45 year old single mother of five girls and was abandoned by her husband.  She lived in Kawangare (slum area in Nairobi), where she did some gardening and grew some vegetation to support her family.  Unfortunately it was not enough to support her girls, as well as send them to school.

 We supported Deborah and her three children until she was capable to stand on her own feet and no longer needed our support. We are happy to share that with the effort and support from Give the Needy Foundation, Deborah created a small vegetable garden in her backyard and is now selling vegetables and taking care of her family outside of Nairobi. 

Janet Muhavi


 Supported from 2010 until 2014

Janet Muhavi was a widow/single mother of three children. She had a responsibility to look after three of her children with no fixed job or income. The oldest child was not living with her as it was too expensive to look after all three of them, in a big city like Nairobi.

 We were supporting Janet while she was learning a new skill as a seamstress. She is now working as one since Jan. 2014. We are proud to report that Janet and her family is now a success story for Give the Needy Foundation; with the support of our generous donors. 

Lynn Kavere


  Supported from 2010 until 2014 

Lynn was 11 years old. She had a soft palate. A palate is the roof of the mouth. It separates the oral cavity from the nasal cavity. Due to that she was not able to speak properly and required speech therapy.  She had to go to a speech therapist two or three times a month to help improve her speech.

 Now grown up and a well adjusted young girl with her speech therapy classes. 

Edith Musibi


  Supported from 2009 until 2014 

Edith Musimbi was a 46 year old single mother of two children. She lived in “Kawangware” a slum in Nairobi. Her employment as a seamstress did not cover her living conditions. She had a struggle to put food on her table and also send her children to school.


GTN was supporting Edith since 2009; so she could put food on her table and send her children to school. We are happy to share that she is now in the workforce supporting herself and her family.

Paulyne Oside


  Supported from 2010 until 2014  

Paulyne Oside was a 28 years old single mother of four children. She lived in “Kaulangware” slum in Nairobi.

 Her employment as a domestic worker did not cover her living conditions. She had a lot of problems with her abusive ex-husband She had to under go a lot of hardship to put food on her table, as well as continue to send her children to school. 

We were supporting Paulyne since 2010; so she could help her family to look forward to a better future. As of January 2014 Paulyne is working with a steady job.

 There are many more families we have supported from Give the Needy Foundation, whom wanted to remain private. All this work would not have been possible, without the help of Mrs. Shaheen Mansoor from Karachi, Pakistan and Mrs. Mona Riaz from Nairobi, Kenya.