Our Board Members

Mali Armand


Board Director and Founder

 She is a fine artist (MaliArmand.com) founder of Give the Needy Foundation, which has made a tremendous and positive impact in her life. Her ability to paint is a way to support her cause. A substantial portion of her proceeds from the sales of her paintings are donated to the charity, besides the fundraisers she does to help her cause.

Zheila Holloway Bazleh


Secretary of Give the Needy Foundation

She is a practicing attorney in Dallas, Texas and has her own law firm. She focuses primarily in commercial real estate and business law, but has reserved a niche of her practice for helping form non-profit and 501(c)(3) corporations. She feels it is an incredible opportunity to try and help with projects that help the under-privileged. 

David Galceran


Treasurer of Give the Needy  Foundation
He is a Finance Manager at Xelleration in Irvine, California. He helps with the checks and balances at Give the Needy Foundation. He is responsible for carrying out the foundation’s stated aims and objectives effectively and efficiently. 

Tehmina Qureshi


Board Director of Give the Needy Foundation 

Daughter of Yasmeen Rahman. President of Al-Shifa (home for special children) from Karachi, Pakistan, presided over and ran it for more than 30 years.  Tehmina's charitable efforts of her mother is ingrained in her and has been on the forefront of social activity.  She is happy to be involved and assisting for our related social activities. 

Mo Khan


Adviser for Give the Needy Foundation 

He is the General Manager of Xelleration, which is now a Speridian company. A technology firm in Irvine, California. He advises in the areas of governance, compliance and best practices.