We have made a considerable impact in the families we have taken care of for over a decade.  We now want to make a bigger impact and help more people in need. Give the Needy Foundation would now like to focus and help with projects, to impact the underprivileged in a larger scale. We also do charitable fundraising activities in collaboration with other charities and individuals who help the unprivileged. We do fundraisers to spread awareness and share some of our proceeds locally with specific 501(c)(3) organizations who need help. 

Until May of 2019...

Our nonprofit model looked for families with single mothers (widowed, divorced or abandoned) who were poverty stricken and forced to use their children for labor to survive. We supported a select group of families with the donations we receive and invested in their future. We provided them with their basic needs: food and shelter – without that those families did not have the luxury to send their children to school. We also helped the women and children in need of certain medical care.

We implemented a system of checks and balances by having recipients of our donations get qualified through a detailed qualification process. We went through a complete independent qualification criteria to ensure that these families requesting care were truly in need and fit the profile of the type of family we could best help.

To make sure the families we selected were following our program; follow-up assessments were conducted to document the improvements in their living conditions. The families continued to receive help while they followed the program guidelines. This basic premise of improving their living condition and also helping their children to go to school was mandatory, which provided clarity in our processes, by determining to whom and where our donations were sent.   Our charity was based on helping one family at a time; so we could see the results over a longer period of time.

All this work would not have been possible, without the help of Mrs. Shaheen Mansoor from Karachi, Pakistan and Mrs. Mona Riaz from Nairobi, Kenya.